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About OIS

Where are you located?2021-11-11T06:27:05-05:00

OIS is located in the Waterloo Region of southwestern Ontatio, Canada.

However, we are able to work throughout Ontario, as well as across Canada and the USA.

In some circumstances we may be able to accept international work, contact us to find out more.

Consulting and Contracting Services

Can you help me with ________________?2021-11-11T06:32:05-05:00

OIS has experience with a wide variety of industry standard hardware and software.

What is High-Performance HMI?2021-11-11T06:49:01-05:00

High-Performance HMI is a design style, or paradigm, commonly used for process control applications.

The paradigm emphasizes the reduction of visual distractions, such as colours and images. There is also a focus on presenting information, rather than raw data.

For more information, check out this article by our team:

What is High-Performance HMI?

Custom Training

Do you offer in-person training, delivered at our facility?2021-11-11T06:51:22-05:00

Of course! OIS can deliver your training in person at a location of your choice.

We also offer 100% online training courses.


Click here to submit a training request!

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