Professional feedback and advice to help you reach your goals.

Project Management

  • OIS can help manage your electrical, controls, and automation projects
  • We can assist you in developing a detailed project scope and execution timeline, in order to ensure that your expectations and requirements for the project will be met
  • We can coordinate communication and activities between your team, suppliers, and other contractors, in order to streamline the project execution process

Process Optimization

  • OIS can help you find solutions to improve the efficiency and safety of your process

  • Our team can provide you with a detailed study of the current state of your system, along with methods to improve the safety, productivity, and quality of your process.

Maintenance Planning

  • OIS can assist you in developing comprehensive proactive maintenance strategies to keep your line running

  • Our team can develop detailed preventive maintenance (PM) schedules and procedures for new or existing production equipment
  • We can also assist with deploying predictive maintenance (PdM) hardware and software solutions, in order to help you identify and mitigate potential equipment failures before they occur